The week of June 5-11, 2010, a small group of young adults will be going to Mount Olive, Mississippi to share the love of Christ to the kids and families of the community through summer school tutoring, painting houses, and organizing a VBS program.

Where in Mississippi?
We will be going to a little community about 50 miles south of Jackson called Mount Olive. We will be primarily serving Mount Olive Ministries and Mount Olive Community Church.  The ministry reaches out to rural disadvantaged children in the Mount Olive community.  Most of the children are African-American children and come from single-parent homes where mom works 2-3 jobs.  Their situation is very similar to many inner-city settings in America.

Why Mississippi?
Many years ago as a youth pastor, Todd was looking to take a group to a place that needed help, that provided a cross-cultural experience and that wasn’t saturated with missions teams every summer.  Through an acquaintance, he was connected with Tony Duckworth and Mount Olive Ministries.  They had never had a team come in and they desperately needed help.  After sending four teams there and seeing the impact long after we’ve left – he’s exited to lead a new team of individuals to further what God is doing in Mount Olive.

What will we be doing?
Mount Olive Ministries hosts a summer school tutoring program for elementary age children.  Half of our team will be helping with that program in the mornings and the other half of the team will be helping paint a house.  In the afternoons, we will take the kids from MOM and combine them with the kids from the local Boys and Girls Club and host a VBS in the local public school.  There may be some other last minute ministry opportunities with adults and teens that haven’t yet materialized, as well.